3 Simple Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate

Every marketer’s target is to increase the conversion rate and reduce the cost of every conversion. When you design an AdWords campaign you should make sure that your conversion rate increases. Here are some simple ways you can increase your conversion rate.


It is found that about 70% people leave the shopping cart on their first visit to a site. So, you shouldn’t be disappointed when you find out that most of your first-time visitors have left your site without taking any action. You should have a remarketing strategy in place. That is, you should show the ads a few more times to those people who have already visited your site. This will increase the conversion rate.

Aligning ad with the landing page

Many people click on the ad but leave after getting to the landing page. Your landing page must be attractive and contain the same message as your ad. If you mention something in your ad and have something else on the landing page then the visitors will be disappointed and leave the page. So, your ad and landing page must be aligned.

Find out what the competitors are doing

You can find the keywords that are giving best return to your competitors. There are sites like ‘SpyFu’ that lets you look at the keywords your competitors are using. That way you can use those keywords in your ad or use something better.

These simple tricks can increase your conversion rate drastically. You should use Google analytics to find out how your campaign is performing. You should then change your campaign accordingly to get the best results.