3 Ways To Earn Profit From AdWords eCommerce Campaigns

For eCommerce campaigns, Google AdWords can be a very effective marketing tool. But you need to ensure that you are getting the maximum profit out of your campaign. Here are some ways to make earn maximum profit from such campaign.

Google shopping ads

You should run Google shopping ads. These ads show your product images along with the prices. This type of ads can generate very high revenue. To create these ads you will first need to register for a Google merchant account. Then create shopping feed and set up your shopping campaign.

Include negative keywords

In case of eCommerce campaigns, Google shows searches based on the words that you use on the product page. Though you can’t set up the keyword in this case and ask Google to show results based on the keyword, you can use negative keyword so that Google doesn’t show products having those keywords. So, for example, if you are selling ornamental flowers then you can add ‘flower ornaments’ as a negative keyword so that Google doesn’t show up searches based on these terms. ‘Ornamental flower’ is quite different from ‘flower ornament’; so if you don’t use the negative keyword, Google may show the wrong search results.

Look at your mobile performance

If necessary, you should have a separate PPC campaign for your mobile. You must keep in mind that customers use various devices to buy products or services. Your website must be mobile optimized.

Setting up an AdWords campaign only won’t get you results. You should make sure that you are getting the maximum profit out of your campaigns. These tips will help you to get more profit from AdWords campaign.